About Me

Way Out Back has been on the cards for quite some time, however I never knew where to start. No business name, no logo and generally no idea. I wanted a business name that stood out, a logo that would catch your eye, some followers to send social media into a frenzy, and customers who dared to be different. So here I am, giving this crazy idea a good ole’ crack!

“What You See Is What You Get”

I am a small town country girl, growing up on a property in Dalby (Queensland). I love all things country; boating, camping, fishing dirt bikes (even if I spend most of the time of my ass and ride like a grandma), country music, spending plenty of time on the farm, drinkin’ beer (lots of) and wasting bullets.

“Travelin’ Soldier”

At the age of 17, I packed up, left home and joined the Australian Army. I served for 12.5 years. I traveled the world and lived in plenty of places around Australia but nothing ever compared to the place I called home. I wished for nothing but those wide open spaces.

“Honey, I”m Home”

My partner Paul, 2 dogs, Miley & Billy (yes as in Cyrus) and I now call Cambooya (Queensland) home. Paul continues to serve in the Australian Army whilst I am employed as a Telecommunication Technician / Rigger. I get to see all over our beautiful country and that is pretty bloody sweet.

This job gives me the opportunity to juggle work and run a business. It will be crazy, challenging and at times will be more than stressful. But I am 100% committed to this brand, my family, my friends, and my Out Back mates.